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Basic Dog Training
By: Amy Howells

If you have a new dog or puppy, you may be interested in getting some basic dog training. Dog training can be taught by an obedience instructor, or you can do the dog training yourself.

Dog training with an obedience instructor can vary in price and it usually takes place in a class. If you do the dog training yourself, it is usually free and you can do it from your own home. If you do choose to do the dog training yourself, it is best to get educated on dog training.

There are 3 basic things your dog should learn through basic dog training. These are: sit, stay, and come. The first part of dog training is to teach your dog to sit. To start this dog training, you will first need some dog treats.

Do this dog training in a quiet environment so your dog doesn't get distracted. Tell your dog to sit repeatedly as you hold the dog treat just over their head. This way the dog has to look up and may sit on there own to reach the treat.

If not, gently push there rear down. When they sit, praise them and reward them with a treat. This kind of dog training works because the dog constantly hears "sit" and will learn to associate the command with sitting and receiving praise.

The next part of dog training is to teach your dog to stay. This is often a difficult part of dog training. This kind of dog training is also incorporated with teaching your dog the command "come." Sit your dog in an area with no directions.

Tell your dog to stay repeatedly as you back away. Start out by keeping eye contact with the dog. If the dog gets up, tell it "no" and start again. Remember this dog training takes a while. You may need someone to sit with the dog to help reinforce the dog to stay the first few times.

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